“LPR” militants report suicide of former “prime minister» Tsypkalov
Former “Chairman of the Council of Ministers» of the “LPR” Gennady Tsypkalov, detained earlier under the case of «an attempt of coup d’etat», has committed suicide.
Representative of the «Prosecutor General» of the «LPR» Gennady Butkevich announced, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax.

«The investigation established a preliminary list of persons who have agreed on the scenario of a military coup d’etat in the course of numerous meetings in 2014-2016,» Rakhno said.

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One of the «people’s militia leaders» of the «LPR» Kiselev was detained during the investigation. He also named other persons involved in the coup.

«Thus, the adviser to the «LPR» head Tsypkalov was detained during the investigation. We planned to interrogate the suspect today,» Rakhno added.

Rakhno has also suggested that Tsypkalov «realized the depth of his criminal acts» and was aware that the information about the coup constitutes a danger to his life. According to Rakhno, Tsypkalov feared that he would be killed by the coup organizers and hanged himself.

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