How to meet a girl

We are increasingly hearing sighs of frustration at the inability to meet the right person. Studying has ended long ago, and work and daily routine are so absorbing that there is no time and opportunity to meet even with old friends. Wonderzine asked girls from different countries about where it is customary to get to know what phrases guys use and how things are generally with the opportunity to meet the love of a lifetime.

In Poland, we don’t have such a problem — there are a million places here where at the same time young and not so people can meet and meet (maybe more than once to please each other). The most popular places are obvious: clubs, pubs, bars, mainly with a dance floor as a guarantee of demonstration of sexy movements. Honestly, I myself do not understand this phenomenon at all, because I hate dancing, but most of my friends insist that they will not meet a guy who does not know how to dance. It’s a very likely story to meet in a fitness club, dance courses or even jog in the park. Many held couples met each other through mutual friends or at home parties. The Internet also helps a lot — I met my fiancé at a gathering of browser game players, and this is not such a rare situation as it might seem. As it turned out later, we saw several couples there who met in exactly the same way. Best dating european girl.

There is no expected or obvious tackle. In fact, if you use any specific phrases, you will look very strange. For example, all sorts of expressions in the spirit of “Hello, my angel, when did you fall from heaven?” Are considered incredibly dumb. The guys who talk like that are associated with dresiarze, and this is definitely not a plus. Or with the guys from Erasmus from southern Europe who just want to get into your underpants and forget the next morning. I would say that the best way to start dating a Polish girl is to be as relaxed and natural as possible. But don’t overdo it: I really got mad when one guy ended each sentence addressed to me with the word piekna (which means beautiful). He probably wanted me to feel special, but to achieve the exact opposite — it seemed to me that I was definitely not the only one he called that.