Pool Maintenance

Pool service is always carried out individually. Our company offers its customers professional service for swimming pools of any size, shape, type. We carry out work at the highest level, guaranteeing its quality. To order a service see this web link .

Pool maintenance is carried out according to a special preventive maintenance plan, which may include the following stages:
— diagnosis and measurement of water quality. Bacteria and microorganisms can multiply rapidly in water, thereby impairing its quality and appearance. Water diagnostics includes taking a sample from the pool and methods for bringing it to the state established by the SNIP standards. Also included is anti-algae water treatment;
— Diagnostics of filtering equipment. Water filters need regular inspection and timely cleaning of contaminants. If the filter becomes clogged, it wears out much faster, and accordingly it breaks down much earlier than the deadline set by the manufacturer. Prevention should be done at least from economic calculations, because the repair and replacement of filter equipment is much more expensive than cleaning it from pollution;
— water purification, disinfection. Water pollution in the pool occurs not only due to external factors such as dust, leaves. People who swim in the pool also pollute it with natural organic secretions, which are washed off by water from their skin. And if the pool is built in the open, then these factors are added to the accelerated decomposition and reproduction of various microorganisms in water. To clean and disinfect water, it is necessary to choose the right reagents and chemical cleaning agents. This is what our specialists are doing at this stage of work;
— Cleansing the bowl of water after draining the water. Chemical purification of water is necessary, but not limited to it. You need to regularly change the water in the pool. Thoroughly cleaning the bowl of dirt after draining the water. This can be done manually or in an automated way — depending on the type and size of the pool. The most important thing is to clean corners and other hard-to-reach places well. If metal elements were used in the construction of the pool, then they should be cleaned separately, without using acid reagents;
— Diagnostics and prevention of electrical equipment. All electrical equipment installed in the pool must be kept in good condition and well insulated, in accordance with safety standards;
— training in the use of the pool. This includes consultation of the owners and users of the pools on the competent and consistent use of equipment, the necessary measures that will need to be taken in a particular case;
— preparation of the pool for the winter period. If the pool is located in the open air, it is very important before the onset of cold weather to drain the water, thoroughly clean the bowl and prepare the electrical equipment to lower temperatures;
— preparation of the pool for use after winter. Complete prophylaxis will be carried out here, which cannot be dispensed with after a long period of inactivity and low temperatures.