Because of our reputation as one of the world’s most advanced fertility centers, patients from all over the world come to CHR with complex infertility cases. Many of our patients have had failed IVF treatment cycles elsewhere, or have been denied treatment due to supposed poor prognosis, but were able to successfully conceive through in-vitro fertilization at our center.

Whether a patient has already had fertility treatment before or is just starting to explore options, identifying the root cause(s) of the problem is the key. We encourage anyone, before they make a decision, to consult with one of our IVF experts. Through an in-office, telephone or Skype consultation and a round of testing, our physicians thoroughly assess each patient’s situation and discuss various options with each patient.

There are many factors that influence your prospects of conceiving. Both partners require a careful evaluation. After completing this evaluation, you may find that you have a good chance of getting pregnant naturally, with a bit more time. Most of the time, there are some specialized fertility tests to be performed depending on the type of infertility.

Many of the couples who have been unsuccessful in starting a family before consulting our center have a long history and all the necessary tests have been done. These couples can usually move directly into in vitro fertilization.