Online dating

How to meet a girl or boyfriend online? There is nothing easier. There are many dating sites, and their audience is truly huge. The most famous sites account for millions of users. Every day, 2-3 million users turn on the computer and go to dating sites in search of their soul mate. Many sites turn into social networks, where people do not just look through profiles and hope to meet someone — they keep public, communicate on forums, record podcasts. Such sites are large-scale communities uniting people by interests. How to meet girl online.

How serious are online dating? There are no accurate statistics, since people who meet on the web do not report on the results of the meetings. Therefore, you can only rely on survey data that dating sites regularly conduct among their users.

There are curious statistics that claim that in our country alone, about 400 marriages are registered daily between people who have met on the Internet. At the same time, the percentage of divorces among couples who found each other on the Web is slightly lower than among those who met offline — the difference is about 2%.

There are more than 5,000 dating sites in Runet, and their traffic is growing at an average rate of 12% per year.

It is worth immediately dispelling several myths about dating sites:

Their audience is not entirely lonely girls. Men and women are equally divided on such sites.
Dating sites — this is not the last chance for those «for whom …». Half of the visitors to these sites are people aged 18 to 35, that is, those whom sociologists call youth.
Internet dating is interesting not only for shy people who can not meet anyone without the help of the site. More than 60% of people at least once in their life took advantage of the capabilities of such sites, and about 30% are their active users — that is, those who have never tried to make online acquaintances remain in the minority!
In this situation, there is nothing surprising — dating on the Internet has a number of advantages:

On each dating site, a huge number of people are registered — from several tens of thousands to several tens of millions. And with each of them you can chat. Even the most sociable people will not have even a couple of hundred acquaintances. So the choice on dating sites is much wider than in real life.
You can view as many profiles as you like and write only to people who you like externally and — as far as personal data allows you to judge it — internally. There is an opportunity to choose slowly, compare and think about everything.
You can start communication at any time without coming up with any excuse for dating, and stop likewise if it turns out that the person is not suitable for you.
Online dating saves time — it’s not at all necessary to go on a date with every person who likes a site. You can start by chatting online at any convenient time and only then, if sympathy grows stronger, make an appointment.
Of course, online dating has its drawbacks to keep in mind:

On dating sites there are not only decent people, but also scammers. They compose sentimental stories and try to force their online friends to transfer money to them. Remember: never, under any circumstances, send money to people whom you, in fact, do not know.
Not all visitors to dating sites are honest — some lie about their external data (almost everyone knows how to use graphic editors today, and many embellish their pictures), work, income and lifestyle, while others hide their family. Take new acquaintances critically — however, this rule also applies offline.
The drawbacks of online dating do not scare away users — on the contrary, the traffic of dating sites is growing every year, and sociologists say that today 45% of couples met on the Web. So dating on the Internet is a real chance to find your destiny.